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Is the Google rebrand a template for education?

Last week, Google announced the evolution of its identity which included a complete rebrand that, in Google’s own words, ‘embraces an expanding, multi-device, multi-screen world’. They also state that the rebrand is necessary to make Google more accessible and useful to it’s users. In fairness to Google, that is as good a reason as any to undertake a rebrand, although in doing so they did send the design and digital world into a frenzy.

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Designing for Responsive Websites

In this post I take the focus off the developer’s and put it on the role of the designer within the process of Responsive Web Design.

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Flat Design: just a design trend or that little bit more?

With the release of iOS 7 I pose the question; is flat design just a trend or does the root of flay design go much deeper than that.

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