Design blog: Introducing Handcrafting Pixels

Introducing Handcrafting Pixels - the work and journal of a designer in a digital world. Those of you who know me will see I have dropped my Carl Rutherford Creates and have refreshed my brand. It was time for a change, I have carried the creates name since education and honestly feel it has ran it's course. It no longer expresses who I am or what I do, which meant it was time for a fresh approach.

I started my design blog – Handcrafting Pixels – to document life as a designer in a world being dominated by digital. I wanted a medium that allowed me to share my opinions, thoughts and ideas more openly and honestly. The design and digital world can be very opinionated, often overpowering and usually overwhelming. I sometimes feel like we have gotten lost from the path we set out on, the path that for me was about creativity and craft, the same path that has me handcrafting pixels day in, day out.

Professionally I work as the lead designer in a design and digital agency. Meaning I generally spend my days problem solving, coming up with ideas and hoping clients like them enough to pay for them. My design work consists of anything from branding to illustration, printed literature (like perfect binding documents) to websites. I often write for the design blog for my day to day job but often find it hard to express myself when representing the company in such a way.

When I am not attempting to live up to the tag of ‘creative’ I enjoy eating nice food and drinking a good beer. I like to get around and see places I haven’t seen before. I’m a fan of Film, TV and cinematography and my Netflix account is always pretty active. I love sport, I grew up similar to many young boys with the dream of being a footballer. Although that dream has now passed, just… I still like to keep fit and I can now often be found trying to master a good iron shot into a green.

I don’t ever want to stop learning and I hope this blog captures that. As a designer I feel exploration is in my nature, however writing is new to me, so go easy, I am after all used to seeing things as pretty pictures.

Finally, if my journal doesn’t work for you then you could always just view my range of work in either my portfolio or my shop – and if neither of those work then what are you doing here in the first place. Smiley face.