Reviewing Handcrafting Pixels one year on

2017 was a massive year for me, in fact the word massive doesn't really do it justice and I am not sure I have the words that can really describe it. Those of you who know me will know that 2017 seen me become a father for the first time and in that time I also sold a house, bought a house, lived with the in-laws and moved into the new house one week before the baby arrived. Of course all of these milestones are very much on a personal level however I think it is important to reflect on all aspects that obviously had an affect Handcrafting Pixels.

All in all I am still really pleased with the development of Handcrafting Pixels over the last year. I still think the website is looking great and the brand really does communicate the message I wanted to get across. The launch of the website seemed to get a very good reception and I often get positive comments about the work I am showcasing. I think this has been the obvious strength of the site throughout 2017, the work I deliver day to day makes it really easy to keep my work section up to date. Equally 2017 has been a year of some great projects, if you haven’t already seen them they are available in my work section and are definitely worth a look.

What I really like about some of my latest projects is the depth of the work involved, two of them include everything from brand to website, print to marketing and showcase my varied skillset. Ride Electric is a particular favourite as the project was to brand an e-bike company from the ground up and and in general was just really cool to be a part of. There is Tyneside Surgical Services, an NHS care provider which needed a rebrand to reposition their service offering. Then as always with my work, there was the website for Northern Print Solutions which was a great user interface and user experience design project.


My journal had a mixed year, it got off to such a great start when my post on User Experience got great coverage and managed to rack up 13.5k views on Medium with around 250 appreciations. This was a great start to my journal and really showed me that my ideas behind it would work if I implemented them correctly. However unfortunately I never capitalised on this and instead of following up with further posts I actually posted nothing. This was really disappointing for me because the post performed so well and actually picked me up a fair number of new followers especially on Medium and I didn’t use that to my advantage. However I have to look at this with perspective, my year was crazy and I often had multiple things playing on my mind that would just stall any ideas in my writing. I can’t be too hard on myself, it was never going to be easy, however now 2018 is here I really hope I can pick up what I started in the first few months of 2017.

Finally there is my shop, I had and still do have so many good ideas for this. However the time to implement them last year was just non-existent and to be honest I didn’t want to get into a position that I would let any customers down if I did get orders. So my aim for 2018 is to really push on with my products and get my shop up and running. This year it has been good to work and discuss selling prints with close friend, James Dixon, who is also an artist. James founded Lines Behind, an online store that sells art prints, he has a great location range that includes some fantastic newcastle prints. I will hopefully have some updates on that over the next few months so keep coming back or give me a follow to stay updated.

All in all 2017 was a year I will never forget for so many reasons, I am pleased that with everything going on I was still able to keep Handcrafting Pixels updated. However as mentioned above, of course I am disappointed in the lack of journal posts and shop activity, which is something I will look to put right this year. On top of that I have already started so many great projects for 2018 that I can’t wait to share, one that should be coming around the end of January.