Starting a blog – Why start another project?

It's a good question. A one that I am not sure I have a definitive answer too. I do however have my reasons for wanting to blog and as it stands that is good enough for me.

Firstly and rather simply, I love what I do. I love to see the excitement in a client when they see the possibilities in a design. The creative industry is a fantastic industry to be a part of. Across the professional circuit it has a great sense of camaraderie that I don’t witness in other industries. And also being part of a team filled with talented people who all come together to create something from scratch can be very rewarding. So starting a blog to record all of this sounds like a good idea.

Having said that it also comes with its frustrations. I mentioned in my introduction post that design is very opinionated and often overwhelming. By this I meant there is a lot of voices shouting to be heard. I often feel like there is a set of imaginary rules that dictate how a designer should act, and more worryingly design. I don’t know who dictates these, I don’t know if there is a special club I am not privy too, but either way something doesn’t sit right with me.

A new playground

That is why I wanted a place that allows me to share my opinions, thoughts and ideas more openly and honestly. I don’t confess to know it all and I would never insist that I am right. However I don’t always hear too many voices that represent the design industry I witness on a daily basis.

Secondly, as I have said many times, I am a designer in an evolving digital environment. When I graduated Flash was how me made fun, interactive websites. Yes, you read that correctly, Flash. The creative industry and especially digital is constantly evolving and at times keeping up with the evolution can be a full time job in itself. Industry standards, roles, software, processes, costing, project management, studio management. Do I need to keep going?… I didn’t think so, but all good topics for discussion right?

Finally, starting a blog will create a new playground for myself. On top of discussing the industry, I want a place that allows me to have more fun. A place to showcase ideas and work, as well as things that I find inspiring. I also want to further my knowledge of the industry as it evolves and I plan to document this journey within my new site, so don’t just look out for updates on my work. Keep your eye out for confused posts about technical things I don’t understand or even the odd rant about the industry.

I have also been working on the brand and website for North East Makeup Artist Anna Louise.