There are two sides to every blog

For a creative, starting a design blog is made twice as hard. We not only strive to create great content - but it has to look and feel the part at the same time. Meaning it becomes very difficult to get anything up and running outside of the working environment.

A successful design blog relies on two sides, the author and the audience. This is a concept you can apply to a lot of things, including design in general. A design is useless without its audience.

I considered starting a blog for a long time and never quite nailed down how I would do it. My professional instinct kicks in and I start making excuses and generally blaming one of two things. Firstly I don’t have the content to build a blog around and secondly even if I did have the content I don’t have a blog to publish it. It’s a vicious circle.

I sharp realised that I had no one to blame but myself. At times my writing for the Cargo blog is too straight lined, I feel I have to be careful with what I publish. This prevents me from writing content for it, because I feel the need for a topic. A topic that I can have an opinion on but certainly won’t offend anyone. I found myself scared to write.

On top of that the designer in me won’t allow me to publish something that isn’t pixel perfect. So any attempt to design a new blog will instantly fail as it is always going to require plenty time and resource to get it built.

A platform to write my design blog

It was then I realised that to keep on top of a blog I needed to be two different people, an author and a designer so I went out and bought an iPad. This changed a lot for me as it instantly gave me a platform to write. An iPad is a simple way to record my content that isn’t just pen and paper and sitting down at a desk. It gives you the ability and freedom to write when the inspiration to do so hits… Author? Check.

As I mentioned, I feel this is a personal project therefore combatting the design will always prove to be the hardest task. People will not expect me to be a good writer, but they will expect it to look good. For me, the only way around this was to take a fresh approach to the design. Not only will a fresh design spur me on to keep developing it, but by approaching it as a refresh it was a much quicker solution… Designer? Check.

As for my audience, well that remains to be seen. It will be fantastic if people are enjoying what I write. If not I find the process therapeutic anyway and it helps get thoughts and ideas out of my head. There is a reason I call this a journal after all.