First steps into website hosting and domains

Before you can start a website you need to make two pretty big decisions. Where to purchase your domain? And who to host your website with? Now I'd like to be able to tell you there is a one stop shop that offers both really well. Unfortunately that would be far too simple. Instead if you want the best products at the best price you are better off going with separate companies.

If, like me, you are new to website hosting and domains it can be a very daunting decision. I know I pondered and researched for days before making a choice. It almost feels like this decision will shape your future, it is like being back at college choosing your A Levels.

“Don’t get scared now.”

For my domain name I went for the cheapest and most professional. This turned out to be – they not only had a professional website with a simple purchase procedure, they saved me £7 from their nearest competitor. Bargain.

However with hosting you simply have to take a leap of faith. I fast realised I don’t know the difference between one company and the next, and unless I am willing to learn computer science in the near future, it is unlikely I ever will. Luckily companies put together simple packages with ticks and crosses for the features they are offering. I also had the benefit of asking friends for recommendations, which eventually led me to

Krystal’s basic package offered multiple sites, sub domains, unlimited emails, databases and much more. Certainly a lot more than some competitors I looked at. Not only that but they are based in the UK and have telephone support should I need it. I can’t really ask for more than that, especially when they were also the cheapest.

At the end of the day this decision is down to your needs and personal preference. However finding a little bit of advice on who to go with proved very difficult. I find a lot of companies in this area are very un-human and presume you understand what you are doing. Personally I was just happy to find what seems to be, two very good companies for me to use. Now for the hard part, actually setting the website up.